Pet Surgery
in Janesville, MN

Pet Surgery in Janesville, MN

Summers Ridge Veterinary Clinic doctors offer a wide range of surgeries including soft tissue, elective, caesarian section, orthopedic, trauma repair, mass removal and others. Our surgery suite is fully equipped. In the case of unusual or highly difficult surgeries we utilize board certified surgeons who will come to our clinic with needed equipment and expertise to perform the surgery and we provide the after care.


Orthopedic surgery is performed to fix or treat issues with the bones and joints. This may involve fixing fractures or torn ligaments, correcting deformities, and undergoing additional bone, joint, and ligament surgeries.

Soft Tissue Surgery

We offer surgical solutions in a sterile and secure setting. Most importantly, throughout operation, our veterinarians can keep a close eye on each animal’s vital signs.

Since it includes any surgery that is not orthopaedic, soft tissue surgery is a broad topic. Simple cyst removals to intricate and involved surgeries are all possible. Ear, nose, and throat, cardiothoracic, hepatic, gastrointestinal, urogenital, skin reconstructive, and oncological operations are among the specialties covered.

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