Pet OFA Certification in Janesville, MN

Pet OFA Certification in Janesville, MN

  • HIPS: recommended before breeding to diagnose hip dysplasia that can lead to arthritis and pain. This is performed under anesthesia in order to obtain the pictures needed. Hips should not be radiographed within 30 days of heat. Please allow enough time for OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) to evaluate the radiographs
  • Elbows: can be evaluated for dysplasia via radiographs.
  • Heart: We listen to the heart for murmurs or other abnormal sounds. If none are heard certification is complete. If a murmur is heard the pet is referred to a cardiologist for diagnostic work up.
  • Stifles: We evaluate stifles in house. If they are normal that information is given to OFA for certification.
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