Hours Update

Starting on November 1, 2022, our hours of operation are changing! We will also be discontinuing our on-call, after-hour services.
Thank you for your understanding!
Mon: 8am–8pm | Tues–Fri: 8am–5pm | Sat and Sun: Closed

Canine Spay Consent Form

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Canine Spay Consent Form

If your pet is found in heat at the time of surgery, there will be a $29 charge to you for increased surgery time.

If we find any abnormalities during examination before surgery, we will attempt to reach you by phone. I understand that Rabies vaccine must be current and flea preventative is required. I authorize the staff of Summers Ridge Vet Clinic to perform the procedure(s) listed above, as well as those deemed necessary to treat life- threatening emergencies related to this care. As with all anesthetic, treatment, and/or surgical procedures, I understand there are risks inherent in these services. I acknowledge that staff members at this practice have explained the procdures to me, answered questions to my satisfaction, and cannot be held responsible for any unforseeable results. I accept the conditions of treatment that this veterinary practice has explained to me and will provide for my pet. I agree to pay for all services rendered at the time of my pets discharge. Should the account be referred to an attorney or collection agency for collection, the undersigned agrees to pay all attorney's fees,court costs and collection expenses. All delinquent accounts shall accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month. By signing below, I agree to the terms listed above.